Rahn – If Only

In this video I talk about my album, If Only, and discuss what it means to me. The video also features scenes from the album art bringing the story to life!

If Only Performance by Rahn

Rahn performing the song “If Only.”

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Inspirational Quotes

One of the best ways to feel good is to simply think positive thoughts. Yet with our busy lives, it’s usually quite difficult to filter out all of the negative information that bombards us day in and day out. But the mere act of taking just a few minutes every day to focus your thoughts on the positive can have a tremendous impact on your health and well being.

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"Beautiful Ron!! Very George Winston-ish. Very expressive, nice changes and dynamics. I love it!!!"
Jim Ferris

"I have a great appreciation for your talent on the ivories. The songs I've heard so far are absolutely wonderful."
Jane Brock McGraw

Photography by

Robert Rainbow Photography

Artist Xposure

Kevin Bryant

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